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Foaled: 4.10.10, Birth Height: 22 1/2" 4 Yr Hgt: 34 3/4"
Black buckskin small horse.
Another beautiful filly from Mickey (as if you couldn't tell!), and unbelievably, her first dark one - a black buckskin like herself! 
She has a lovely movement, lovely long legs, and has her sire's lankiness.  She is a gentle soul, not as sure of herself as some of the others.
Dam: Belka Valley's Cosmic Smoke
Sire: Fairyland King of Hearts

For Sale $1100

Foaled: 11.11.11, Birth Hgt:20 1/4" 1 Yr Hgt: 29.5"

Chestnut filly with flaxen mane and tail and ticking, giving her an increasingly white forehead.
A perky, curious, affectionate and photogenic young miss.  Would do very well in the show ring. 
Full sister to local champion stallion, now gelding,
 CF Cavalier.
Dam: Chamel Fields Velvet Moon
Sire: Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend

For Sale to chosen show home only      $1200

Foaled: 11.12.12  Birth Hgt: 21",2 yr Hgt:34 3/4"

Leggy dark buckskin filly with dorsal stripe (DNAed as she looked like a dun - but definitely just a buckskin).  Bella is another little beauty out of the King of Hearts/Cosmic Smoke combination, and their first solid buckskin. She is already small horse, and should mature under 36".

Dam: Belka Valley's Cosmic Smoke
Sire: Fairyland King of Hearts

FOR SALE and ready to go. $1000 neg


Foaled: 1.9.08, Adult Height: 32.5"

Buckskin pinto filly.  NOT REGISTERED

FOR SALE and ready to go    $1000




Stock Being Retained



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Bond Kid Gloves        palomino pinto


Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend black         

Fairyland King of Hearts taffy bay pinto

Chamel Fields Bonanza  buckskin pintaloose




Chamel Fields Mr Legend

Foaled:17.9.14, Bth Hgt: 21"
Black buckskin

Chemise's second foal. A very nice fine boned colt.
The best of  Bond Kid Gloves, Fairyland King of Hearts and Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend all come together in this little boy.  Seen here with proud mum.
He may stay entire.

Sire: Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend
Dam: Chamel Fields Chemise


Foaled:6.10.2007 Birth Hgt: 20 1/4" Adult Hgt:32.5"
Buckskin mare
Chemise has excelled in the National show ring as a yearling, winning National Reserve Grand Champion Filly in 2009, following the footsteps of her equally gorgeous dam, CF Windsong who did similar in 2003.

Chemise was mated to Mountain Meadows Buck By Chance in 2013 for her first foal, a delightful buckskin filly, CF Pirouette.
Has foaled a black buckskin colt, Mr Legend, Sept 
Dam: CF Windsong
Sire: Bond Kid Gloves



Foaled:17.10.00.  Adult Hgt: 32".

Rhapsody is a black snowflake appaloosa with a pretty eye and a graceful reaching stride.  A successful broodmare. 

Sire: La Vista Sir Barimor Napoleon.
Dam: Shangrila Desert Serenade.

Dam of CF Bonanza, CF Dione and CF Demi Pointe, her filly foal for 2012.  In foal to Bond Kid Gloves for a late season foal 2014.

Foaled: 17.10.95  Adult Hgt: 35 1/2"
Very successful black buckskin broodmare with dorsal stripe.  She has continued to foal every year and looks very good for her age, despite greying forehead. 
Photo taken Dec 2012, 3 weeks after foaling.

Dam: Shangrila Shaded Lady
Sire: Dell Teras Beau

In foal to CF Bonanza.  

Foaled: 2.12.01. Birth Hgt: 21 7/8", Adult Hgt: 33 3/4"  
Taffy buckskin pinto mare.
Windsong has grace, beauty and elegance, and continually lovely babies. 
 Proud mother of CF Winter Legend, 2013.
Sadly, lost her 2014 foal at birth.

Sire: Fairyland King of Hearts
Dam: Belka Valley's Cosmic Smoke

NATIONAL CHAMPION IN HER YEARLING CLASS, Tamworth, 2003, dam of 2009 R Nat Grand Champion Filly, CF Chemise and granddam of CF Pirouette, Res Nat Champ Filly, <30" in 2014.


Foaled 21.12.03, Birth hgt: 20", Adult ht: 33.75"
Rich golden buckskin mare.
Velvet, a perky, forward and very intelligent little horse with an engaging personality with whom I have a 'heart connection' .

Sire: Bond Kid Gloves
Dam: Glenmar Park Jessica

Despite her beautiful babies, Velvet is now a successful carriage horse.



Foaled:9.11.10 Birth Ht: 21 1/2" Adult Ht: 34 1/4" 

Dione is a bay appaloosa small horse filly and one of the reasons Sweet William has been gelded - she's gorgeous but definitely not a miniature.
She has long, slender legs that move like a dream.
Given the rapidity with which she has developed mottling, I suspect she has inherited a double dose of appy gene. 
Sire: CF Sweet William
Dam: CF Rhapsody
Put with Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend for a 2015 foal.

Foaled: 24.8.09, Birth Hgt: 19 1/4"  2 yr Hgt: 30"
Dappled taffy filly.
Another little beauty from CF Fruehling.
Princess is tiny, leggy and dainty with personality and confidence galore (a bit pushy, really).  And just look at that hairdo, must have inherited both mum and dad's hairy genes!
1/2 sister to CF Sweet William and CF Pandora (see brag on Miniature Horse page).

Dam: Chamel Fields Fruehling
Sire: Fairyland King of Hearts
Put with CF Bonanza for a 2015 foal.

Foaled: 3.10.12   Birth Hgt: 20", 2 Yr Ht: 30 1/2"
Tiny buckskin filly, first foal for Chemise, and a show stopper with her dishy little head and dainty compact body.
Dam: Chamel Fields Chemise
Sire: Mountain Meadows Buck By Chance

Champion Filly Vic MHAA Feb 2014
Reserve Champion Filly under 30" Nationals
Was shown by Sally Henderson of Jedarra Stud, with thanks.  Piri also came home with  5th out of 15 for Classic Head.


Foaled: 24.8.12  Birth Hgt: 19" 2 Yr Ht: 31"
Demi, a liver chestnut pinto filly, a human-oriented filly, who has taken to being adopted with ease.  Shown here with her cottage guest adopter last season.
As the first foal of the season, Demi is well handled and very self assured, always coming over for attention. 
William's only tiny filly foal.

Dam: Chamel Fields Rhapsody
Sire: Chamel Fields Sweet William


Foaled: 31.8.13, Birth Ht:19", 1 Yr Ht: 29 1/2"
Taffy pinto filly.  'Winter' is one of those sweet, people-oriented horses who appears when all others are busy elsewhere.  She is petite and pretty, a credit to her sire and dam.

Sire: Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend
Dam: Chamel Fields Windsong.


Chamel Fields Sweet William
 dob 8.11.03, Adult Hgt: 30"
Petite bay pintaloose  gelding

Sire:Shangrila Born to Win
Dam: Chamel Fields Fruehling

Supreme Champ Gelding Vic MHAA Feb,2014
Grand Champ Snr Gelding, MHAA Nat Show 2014
Classic Trot, Best of a Class of 21

   Thanks and congrats to Sharon Koukouzas who leased him for the season and to Lachlan Kerr who showed him at the Nationals and Sally Henderson who cared for him in between.
William is now in training for carriage and doing well.

Photo taken Spring 2013

Chamel Fields Bonds Triumph
 Foaled:11.12.02, Birth Hgt: 23", Adult Hgt: 35.5"

Solid buckskin small horse.  Very attentive and proficient carriage boy.
Shown here with Judith driving at a State Championship, 2014.  He is also driving in pairs with his partner, CF Prince of Hearts (below)

Sire: Bond Kid Gloves
Dam: Glenmar Park Jessica (dec)

Chamel Fields Prince of Hearts
 Foaled:11.8.08, Birth Hgt:21 3/4", adult Hgt:34.5"

Palomino pinto small horse with an impressive reaching stride.

Shown here with Judith long-reining the pair in the early days of their pairs training.

Chamel Fields Jete
Foaled: 17.10.12  Birth Hgt: 23 3/4",  2Yr Hgt:34 1/2"
Bay pintaloose gelding.  Small horse.

The last of Sweet William's gorgeous and leggy foals, Jete (called Jet) was sadly orphaned at 4 weeks of age, but did OK with a bucket of cow's milk (messy though). 
I can definitely see him in carriage in a couple of years!  He has the right laid back and obliging personality for it.

Dam: Chamel Fields Hollyhock
Sire:Chamel Fields Sweet William



Chamel Fields Chiron
Foaled 13.1.12, Birth Hgt: 21 1/2"  2 Yr Hgt: 33 3/4"

Bay gelding.  A lovely boy with a dorsal stripe, tiny feet and lovely long legs. He is in training now as a carriage horse.

Dam: Belka Valley's Cosmic Smoke
Sire: Fairylands King of Hearts


Chamel Fields MissTery
Foaled: 20.12.14, Birth Hgt: 19 1/2"

Chestnut minimal pintaloose. (That's colour on her rump, not dirt)
This pretty young lady is indeed a mystery, as she wasn't due until February, so there was some hanky panky at foot, or perhaps at fence in the Batchelor Pad!   She's a really cuddle pup.
DNA test proves her to be sired the stallion I intended.

Sire: Bond Kid Gloves
Dam: Chamel Fields Rhapsody





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